Mamma Mu podcast

Learning about young adults with special needs / When you hear the words ‘special needs’ and ‘autism’ your mind probably automatically jumps to images of young children and their beautiful unique smiles. But what about young adults with special needs? What about young people with autism? What do you imagine their lives look like? What do they do? What do they like to do? What can they do? Ellen Georgiou Pontikis is a mother of a special young adult and she is the founder of Voice For Autism, that involves a group of concerned parents, caregivers and professionals united in the belief that basic human rights are secured and a voice is given to young adults with special needs. The NGO is working on creating group homes and providing employment opportunities that go way beyond supermarket bagging. A powerful chat packed with bits of vital information and personal experiences. Thank you Ellen for your honesty and strength.

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